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Our Patriots

What is a Patriot?

Visit the DAR website to learn what a Patriot is and about acceptable American Revolutionary War service.

We proudly list our chapter's ancestors below who bravely fought and provided material support during the American Revolutionary War.

  • Nathaniel Abney, SC, CAPT  

  • Noah Badwell, MA, LT, CS 

  • Jacob Brown, VA, PS  

  • John Brown, VA, SGT  

  • Joseph Carroll, SC, PS, CS 

  • Robert Chamblee, NC, PVT  

  • Joseph Clunn, NJ, CAPT  

  • Henry Cobb, NC, CS  

  • James Davis, NC, PVT  

  • Robert Dodge, MA, CAPT  

  • Jacob Edick, NY, PVT  

  • Daniel Farmer, VA, PVT  

  • Moses Ferguson, NC, PVT  

  • Nehemiah Franks, SC, PS, CS 

  • Stephen Freeman, NY, PVT  

  • Jacob Fretz, PA, PVT, PS 

  • George Gober, NC, PS  

  • Hardin Gregory, NC, PS  

  • Moses Hanks, PS, VA  

  • John Harbaugh, MD, SOL, PS 

  • Matthew Harris, VA, PS  

  • Thomas Henderson, SC, LT  

  • John Horner, PA, PVT  

  • Groves Howard, NC, PS  

  • Thomas Hoy, MD, LT, PS 

  • Nathaniel Hutchins, NH, CAPT, PS 

  • John Kimball, MA, PVT  

  • Robert Loughridge, SC, STAFFOF, CS 

  • William McClung, VA, PS  

  • James Millison, PA, PVT, PS 

  • George Mitchell, PA, PVT, PS 

  • Charles Moale Croxall, PA, CAPT, PS

  • Norman Newell, CT, PVT  

  • John Nixon, VA, PS  

  • John Parr, VA, CS, PS 

  • James Pendleton, VA, COL  

  • Nathaniel Pettit, PA, PVT   

  • Samuel Pitts, MA, PVT  

  • Richard Priddy, VA, SGT  

  • William Ratchford, SC, CS   

  • Michael Shirk, PA, PVT  

  • Joshua Singleton, VA, CS, PS 

  • John Stonecypher, NC, PVT  

  • Sylvester War, VA, CAPT  

  • George Weaver, NY, LT  

  • Samuel Wikoff, MD, PVT  

  • Anthony Willoughby, NC, PS  

  • Minor Winn, VA, LT  

  • Thomas Withers, VA, PS  

  • William Wyatt, VA, SOL, PS 

  • Andrew Zornes, PA, PVT  

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Legend for Abbreviations

ADC — Aide-de-Camp

BG — Brigadier General

CAPT — Captain

CHP — Chaplain

CL — Continental Line

COL — Colonel

CPL — Corporal

CS — Civil Service

DRM — Drummer

ENS — Ensign

FIF — Fifer

GRD — Guard

1LT — First Lieutenant

LT — Lieutenant

LTC – Lieutenant Colonel

MAJ — Major

MM — Minute Man

NONCOM — Non-Commissioned Officer

ORDL — Orderly

PNSR — Pensioner

PS — Patriotic Service

PVT — Private

SDI — Signer of The Declaration of Independence

SGT — Sergeant

SGTMAJ — Sergeant Major

SOL — Soldier

STAFFOF – Staff Officer

WPNSR — Wife who received pension

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Honoring Our 


Learn more about DAR's work to honor Patriots, help women connect with their past, and promote the service of forgotten Patriots.

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DAR America250!


The National Society has established the America 250! Committee to plan DAR’s involvement during our nation’s upcoming 250th birthday. 

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