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Our Projects and Committees

Chapter Projects:


Check back to learn more about a list of our active and upcoming projects for 2022!

Chapter Committees:

The National Society accomplishes the majority of its work under a committee system.  The Dolley Madison Chapter, NSDAR, encourages members to join a committee they are passionate about!  Committees are a great way to get involved in our local community while supporting the National Society's objectives of patriotism, education, and historic preservation. See below for a list of our committees and contact us with any questions!


On July 4, 2026 we will celebrate our nation's upcoming 250th birthday!  This Committee will serve as our chapter's contribution to the DAR-wide effort to celebrate this important commemoration.

American Heritage:

Promoting American heritage preservation through contests with the arts including sculpture, fiber, music, crafts, literature, drama, cultural traditions, and quilt oral history.

American History:

Promotes the study of U.S. history with the American History and Christopher Columbus essay contests through the schools, presents the Outstanding Teacher of American History award, and oversees the approval process for the NSDAR Historic Preservation award.

Community Classroom:

Adopting classrooms or schools to provide time and financial support.

Community Service Awards:

Recognizing worthy residents from various walks of life who have contributed to their communities in a praiseworthy manner through civic and benevolent activities or acts of heroism.


Preserving the global environment in order for civilization to wisely utilize, repair, and restore the earth's resources. Conservation may be community-oriented through awards and projects in natural resources. Oversees the approval process for the NSDAR Conservation Medal.

Constitution Week:

Coordinating celebrations of protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution through contests, awards, and increasing public knowledge of the historical events that occurred during September 1787. Constitution Week is celebrated every year during the week of September 17.  For Constitution Week in 2021, a Dolley Madison Chapter, NSDAR, member created and published this educational and entertaining video about James Madison and the Constitution of the United States.

Historic Preservation:

Promotes historic preservation projects in the community and presents the Historic Preservation Medal to qualified individuals.

Junior American Citizens:

Promoting good citizenship and appreciation of American history and heritage by encouraging sponsorship of clubs in schools and other community groups.

Junior Membership:  

A Junior is a DAR member who is age 18 through 35 years of age. This committee works to recruit new Juniors and raise money for the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund and Junior Membership Classroom Grants. 

Lineage Research:

Assisting prospective members to obtain the required documentation for membership.

Literacy Promotion:

Promoting literacy for adults who lack reading and writing skills by serving as tutors or personal advisors.


National Defense:

Preserving our American heritage of freedom, protecting the U.S. Constitution, ensuring the survival of our national sovereignty, advocating for a strong military defense, and unwavering faithfulness to the ideals of the Founding Fathers as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. 

Patriot Records Project:

Working to find and identify America Revolutionary War Patriots in hard to search collections easier for all Daughters.

The Flag of the United States of America:

Promoting the history and proper use of the U.S. Flag within our community through educational flag events and projects.

Volunteer Genealogists:

Assisting prospective members and current members to complete applications for new Patriot lines.


Volunteer Information Specialists: 

Using computer technology skills to serve on the chapter, state, and national levels.

Women's Issues:

Heightening awareness of the complexity of issues facing today's women and encouraging the writing of essays to articulate prominent issues. Winners are determined at the state, division, and national levels.

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